Sunday, May 17, 2009

My wine tasts of cat pee - call an animal behaviourist!

I love cats and I love wine. I am aware that the no. 1 behaviour problem with cats is their peeing habits (I even wrote a book about it). Never did I think, however, that cat pee and wine could be used in the same sentence. Except perhaps when cleaning up yet another feline litter box 'accident' led to a post-cleansing glass of vino to calm the soul.

I love a good New Zealand sauvignon blanc. I was pleased to hear that $12 million was being invested to define the flavours of this wine. Not that I'm pretentious about describing the aromas and flavours of wine. I just know what I like and don't like!

The conclusions of the study: The flavour was a winning combination of sweet, sweaty passionfruit, asparagus and... cat's pee.

Apparently wine connoisseurs routinely describe wine using terms such as cat's pee and now the market place is also catching on. Cooper's Creek winery calls its sauvignon blanc 'Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush'. A wine region called Wairarapa, near the capital of Wellington is the top spot for cat's pee influences in the white wine.

Will this stop me from drinking my favourite refreshment? No, I verymuch doubt it. Obviously I'm lagging behind and need to update my wine vocabulary (but won't I just sound like an animal behaviourist?)! I can just imagine this taking off in my world...

"Oh this camembert is infused with smidgeons of rabbit droppings."
"My how those wet dog aromas have crept into this fondue."

Perhaps Dr Jo and the wine industry should do some cross promotion. A complimentary copy of Dr Jo's 'Cat Toileting Problems Solved' booklet with every bottle of Sauv Blanc! In return I'll recommend my clients with inappropriate elimination issues indulge their palates with a bottle of Kiwi wine with the subtle flavour of cat's pee!

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